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Artsy Lately: Margie Livingston

As artists, we are pretty obsessed with our materials and mediums.  Photographers baby their cameras and lenses, sculptors take precious care of their tools.  And painters, well, we love paint– the way it smells, the way it looks, the…

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Artsy Happening: April Arts Alive! in Eureka

You guys, we are loving our new little town so much!  Since we arrived, everyone’s been telling me how many artists there are here in Eureka and that we must check out the monthly art walk, ArtsAlive.  It was…

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Artsy Spot: The Pearl District Portland

One of my favorite things to do in Portland is a little gallery-hopping.  There is such a rich creative atmosphere there and this past weekend, I was seriously craving some thought provoking art.  And boy, did I get it!…

Artsy Spots Exhibitions Galleries

Artsy Spot: Stellers Gallery

Some galleries, the most successful and long lived, find their sweet spot and flourish.  Stellers Gallery in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, quietly and consistently shows and sells the work of emerging and established artists in their space just steps…

Denny_Cold Comfort
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Artsy Lately: Rachel Denny

Mr. F and I often talk about what has drawn us to the Northwest.  The mild summers have a lot to do with it, but even more, is the feeling that, in comparison to so much of the US,…

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This Artsy Life: Weekend 10 [ Stuff We Did. Stuff We Didn’t Do. ]

Please forgive me for getting this latest This Artsy Life post up a bit tardy. The last seven days have been a bit out of whack around these parts, with our beloved ( and much relyed on! ) Macbook…

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Now Showing in Found Gallery: City Mouse | Country Mouse!

The artsy mice have officially invaded Artsy Forager!  Our very first online exhibition and sale, City Mouse | Country Mouse is now on view in the found gallery !  I’m so excited to present the work of two talented Nashville…

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This Artsy Life: Weekend 7 [ Art, Wine, & Who Really Cares About the Rest? ]

Happy Monday, Artsies! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. Or are you one of the lucky ones who gets a President’s Day holiday? We’re totally jealous! Our weekend was full of ups and downs– Let’s get the bad stuff…

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This Artsy Life: Weekend 4 [ Artsy & Mr. Forager Go to LA ]

Following a rough, partially sleepless Friday night ( hey landlord, just because your rental is in the desert, doesn’t mean it never rains.. puddles in the bed are no fun ), Mr. Forager & I arose early Saturday morning,…

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City Mouse | Country Mouse Exhibitions found gallery Paintings

Coming to found in February! City Mouse | Country Mouse

I’m a little sneaky sometimes.  You know, like a mouse.  You may have noticed the found gallery page pop up in the top navigation last week.. or maybe you noticed the found logo in the sidebar.. or saw the Facebook…