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Hello! Announcing The Trove, a Boutique Gallery by Artsy Forager

Sometimes an opportunity comes along and you just stop everything else you’re doing to pursue it.  Which is exactly what I did when the new site launched last week.  Haven’t heard of it?  Well, let me tell you all…

Abstract Art Fashion Mixed Media Wear the Artsy

Wear the Artsy: Jill Ricci

Something about the warmer months make me long for the exotic.  Maybe it’s childhood conditioning bringing on dreams of summer vacations to faraway places!  I’ve always loved the work of Jill Ricci for her brilliant way of combining exotic…

WTA_Bellissimo collage
Fashion Figurative Photography Wear the Artsy

Wear the Artsy: Alexandra Bellissimo

We are a few weeks into Spring here in Northern California and this weekend, something wonderful happened.. we seemed to have finally turned a corner into deep spring.  That time of year when the air is warm and soft…

Abstract Art Fashion Jewelry Paintings Wear the Artsy

Wear the Artsy: Wendy McWilliams

A while back I wrote about the work of Wendy McWilliams and how to me, much of her work illustrates the glimpses of light and color that give us hope in the dark.  We are now well into winter and…

Fashion Paintings Wear the Artsy

Wear the Artsy: Christy Kinard

January can be a tough month for some folks.  I love the winter, but I understand how the cold air, brown grass and gray skies can get ya down.  Which is why I love the work of this month’s…

Daily Artsy Fashion Sculpture

Splendorous Adornments: Takaya Hanayushi

We’re so casual these days.  Heck, all my high heels are in storage, I probably won’t see them again until around 2018!  But there are days when I miss getting dressed up.  Remember that careful giving I was going…

DF_Longshore_weekender city of lights
Design Foraging Fashion

Design Foraging: Sarah Ashley Longshore at Anthropologie

I love everything that Sarah Ashley Longshore does.  You can see all the evidence right here on the blog.  And when she teams up with one of my favorite retailers, well, I just can’t resist sharing the artsy goodness…

Abstract Art Fashion Paintings Wear the Artsy

Wear the Artsy: Megan Auman Scarves + A Special Deal Just For You!

I am forever in awe of how interconnected we have become through the glory of the inter webs!  Case in point– I receive an email from artist & designer Megan Auman, telling me about her new line of gorgeous scarves…

Jones_Sukha Totems
Abstract Art Fashion Paintings Wear the Artsy

Wear the Artsy: Jennifer JL Jones

I don’t know what it is about the work of this month’s Featured Artist, Jennifer JL Jones that reminds me so much of the Pacific Northwest.  Maybe it’s the watery, downward strokes that make me think of the softly…

Artsy Lately Fashion Figurative Paintings

Artsy Lately: Anna Kincaide

How long has it been since I’ve done an Artsy Lately feature?  Way too long, if you ask me! Especially since sooo many of the artists whose work has been featured on AF are continually amazing me!  This young…