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Abstract Art Interiors Live the Artsy Paintings

Live the Artsy: Deb Haugen

Home has been a subject in the forefront of our minds lately.  Over the next several years, Mr. F and I are saving like mad so that we can settle down and build a little house that fits our…

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Hello! Announcing The Trove, a Boutique Gallery by Artsy Forager

Sometimes an opportunity comes along and you just stop everything else you’re doing to pursue it.  Which is exactly what I did when the new site launched last week.  Haven’t heard of it?  Well, let me tell you all…

Artsy Dwelling Interiors

Artsy Dwelling: Small is the New Big

10 Rooms Where Small Art Makes a Big Impact By now, we’ve all seen the gagillions of pins of perfectly arranged art walls, so we know full well that when grouped with other work, small art pieces can sing.…

ITA_bandw_fierce romance collage
Collage Insert the [ Artsy ] Interiors Photography

Insert the Artsy: Black and White Art, 3 Rooms 3 Styles

Choosing artwork for your home can be an intimidating process.  Sometimes we fall in love with a piece of work but wonder how in the world we would ever incorporate it with our current style?!  You know that old…

AD_artsy spot_easel
Artsy Dwelling Interiors

Artsy Dwelling: Where’s Your Artsy Spot

Touring artist studios at last weekend’s ArtsAlive got me day dreaming about my own future work space.  As we travel, I paint either at our dining/kitchen table or on a collapsible easel Mr. F bought me a few years…

DF_Paquette_The Battleship
Design Design Foraging Interiors

Design Foraging: Brian Paquette Interiors

Interior designers have a special place in my heart.  Perhaps because I call so many of them friends and because I spent a few years studying to be one.  That plan derailed ( a story for another day! ),…

Artsy Dwelling Interiors

Artsy Dwelling: Art Filled Nursery

Mr. F and I may not have any babies, but that doesn’t keep me from ooing and awing over fantastically artsy nursery designs.  So when my friend and fellow art obsessive Kaitlyn, over at isavirtue shared pictures of the…

Abstract Art Interiors Live the Artsy Paintings

Live the Artsy: Erin McIntosh

While we are getting settled into our new temporary Eureka home, what we want in our eventual forever home is heavy on our minds.  While Mr. F aka Mr. Practicality is thinking of square footage, alternative power sources and…

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Artsy Dwelling Design Interiors

Artsy Dwelling: Your Art Studio Style

As different as each artist’s work can be, so too is the way they work and the environment in which they find the most creativity.  Some artists are lucky enough to be able to design their studio space to…

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Artsy at Work Interiors

Artsy at Work: 5 Principles of Art for Healthcare Environments

Creating and choosing art for healthcare environments is about much more than just beautifying a space.  People in those environments are often worried, stressed, sad, and in need of healing.  Experts have found that through evidence-based design, these places…