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Insert the Artsy: Black and White Art, 3 Rooms 3 Styles

Choosing artwork for your home can be an intimidating process.  Sometimes we fall in love with a piece of work but wonder how in the world we would ever incorporate it with our current style?!  You know that old…

Insert the [ Artsy ]

Insert the Artsy: Color Three Way

There’s a school of thought that white walls = boring.  But white walls + wooden textures + pops of colorful artwork?  Anything but!!  And this Artsy is here to prove it to ya.  Let’s take a beautiful, airy space…

Abstract Art Design Insert the [ Artsy ] Interiors Paintings

Insert the Artsy: One Painting, Three Rooms

A phenomenal piece of artwork can find its home in any sort of space.  Especially when its as beautiful as this one, Darzita by this months’ Featured Artist, Jennifer JL Jones. Darzita means “to reveal” and I love how this…

Insert the [ Artsy ] Interiors

Insert the Artsy: Susan Hall

There are certain artist’s work I seriously dream about owning.  And if I can’t own one myself, why not daydream about how one might look in someone else’s home?  Which brings me to the latest edition of Insert the…

ITA_Casey Matthews
Insert the [ Artsy ] Interiors

Insert the Artsy: Casey Matthews

In my not so distant past, I worked as a Project Manager/Art Consultant for a gallery & art consulting firm.  What does that mean exactly?  It means I looked for artwork for clients.  A LOT.  Matching up the right…

Insert the [ Artsy ]

Insert [ the Artsy ]

I am in LOVE with this image!!  Live this, Artsies! via Pinterest…

Daily Artsy Insert the [ Artsy ]

Insert [ the Artsy ]

Artwork has the power to facilitate change.  Most importantly, in our minds, spirits and hearts.  But today, we’re going stay in the more shallow end of the pool.  🙂  Let’s have some art + design fun and  take a…