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Clyne_Gainsborough, Erased
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Artsy Lately: Amanda Clyne

If you’ve been following Artsy Forager for a while, you may have noticed a few recurring themes in some of the work I write about– man’s relationship with nature, fashion industry and its psychology of influence, and art historical…

Kahlo self portrait with monkeys
Figurative Masterworks Paintings

Masterworks Monday: Frida Kahlo

While Mr. Forager & I are on the road, making our way to California, we’re rerunning Artsy Forager’s most popular posts.  This post originally published on May 2, 2011, when the blog was barely two months old.  Enjoy! In…

Tom and Jack: The Intertwined Lives of Thomas Hart Benton and Jackson Pollock by Henry Adams
Artsy Reads Masterworks

Artsy Reads: Tom and Jack by Henry Adams

I have always been a voracious reader, nerd that I am.  Summers were often spent with my nose in a book and summer reading contests were usually won handedly.  These days, with so much time spent reading blogs and…

Design Foraging Figurative Masterworks

Friday Faves: Masters Remade

If you’ve ever taken an art class, I’m sure you’ve copied the work of a “master”.  Redrawing and painting great works of art is one of the tried and true methods used to teach basic skills.  I love the…

Major Poontang by Sarah Ashley Longshore
Daily Artsy Figurative Masterworks Mixed Media Paintings Sculpture

Fashion Forward Art

Kicking off artsyF A S H I O NWeek here at Artsy Forager!  Fashion and art have long been intertwined.  For centuries, artists have, perhaps at times unwittingly, been the recorders of the history of fashion and style.  It…

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Happy Independence Day

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” –Nelson Mandela…

Masterworks Paintings

Masterworks Monday: Madame X

She has been a source of fascination, scandal and intrigue for over a century. John Singer Sargent’s masterpiece, Madame X, while initially a source of pain and frustration to the artist, proved to be his most recognizable and memorable work.…

Masterworks Paintings

Masterworks Monday:  Mad About Matisse

Do you have a certain outfit you wear when you need a pick-me-up?  Or maybe there is a particular piece of music that always gets your blood pumpin’ and instantly uplifts your mood?  The work of Henri Matisse does…

Bird in Space
Masterworks Sculpture

Masterworks Monday:  Brancusi

Thanks to our next door neighbor, who creates “sculptures” out of found objects and has a rotating display in his front & side yard, I’ve been thinking a lot about sculpture lately.  Which has led me to discover an egregious…