found gallery


To share the work of exceptional artists with art lovers, collectors, designers, and anyone who has a mind and heart open to the world of art..

This has been the driving passion behind Artsy Forager from the beginning.  As the blog grew, gaining readership, I felt a yearning for something more– a way to take my enthusiasm for artists and their work, a way to share work in a more substantial means than just a one time blog post, a way for to help artists and galleries thrive.  In thinking on these things, an online conversation with two trusted artists and their desire to launch an online exhibition of their work planted the seed that grew into found.

found is an online exhibition gallery featuring curated collections of small works, quarterly, for limited engagements.  As an outgrowth of Artsy Forager, found exhibitions will live here on the site, where each show will be able to be viewed for its limited run, then archived.  All work in found exhibitions will be small, easily collectible and financially accessible original artwork, available for sale ( initially directly through the artists ),  and it will be standard practice for a portion of the proceeds from each exhibition to benefit a non-profit organization or charity.

The first found exhibition, City Mouse | Country Mouse, featuring the work of Nashville artists Christina Baker and Deann Hebert, is now closed.  Thank you to everyone who supported the show, purchased work and helped us spread the word about these two very talented artists!  The next found exhibition will take place in June.. stay tuned!