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Artsy Chatter

Artsy Chatter: She Said with Christy Kinard

I can’t think of many more inspiring ways to live than with a partner who shares your passions.  Yesterday, we had a little chat with Jon Davenport, who is married to fellow artist Christy Kinard, and today, it’s Christy’s…

Davenport_monkey nuts
Artsy Chatter

Artsy Chatter: He Said with Jon Davenport

I’m excited to bring you a new feature, Artsy Chatter, in which I chat a bit with creatives to find out more about how they live, work and balance it all together.  You might recognize this month’s Featured Artist, Christy…

Schwartz video capture
Artist Interviews Artsy Diggs Paintings

Artsy Diggs: In the Studio with Peri Schwartz

When we get a glimpse inside the studio of this month’s Featured Artist, Peri Schwartz, we not only see into gain insight into where she works, but in this video, we are also given the privilege of seeing how…