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Artsy at Work

Wearing. My Studio Style.

Every artist has their own style, not just in the work itself, but in the way they work.  What we wear in the studio has as much to do with our personal style as it does with our working…

Southern living studio
This Artsy Life

Living. Live Work Studios.

What our eventual home space will look like is a major topic of conversation for Mr. F and I.  We’re on our 15th(!) living space in 6 years of traveling and with each new home we discover what works…

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The Artsy Everyday

Listening. Podcasts.

When I’m in the studio, I’m always listening to something– just what depends on my mood and what I’m working on.  Sometimes it’s music, sometimes podcasts.  I have a few “go-to” podcasts that I really enjoy and thought you…

Artsy Diggs Paintings

Revisiting. Jeffrey Beauchamp.

hover over the photo above and click through for a peek into the artist’s studio As artists, once in a while, we come across someone who inspires us, who thinks the way we do, who spurs us to greater…

Abstract Art Artsy Diggs Daily Artsy Paintings

Structures. Howard Hersh.

hover over the photo above then click through for a peek into the artist’s studio We live our lives in and within structures.  From the house we call home, to the universe itself, to our very bodies, structure has…

Sani collage
Artsy Abroad

Artsy Abroad. Ni Nyoman Sani’s Balinese Studios and Art Spaces.

by Ellen C. Caldwell Ni Nyoman Sani’s studio at Muja Art Studio, Sukawati, Bali. Photo courtesy of Ellen C. Caldwell and the artist. Over the past five months, Artsy Forager has been nice enough to welcome my guest posts…

9. Tomasi studio9
Artsy Abroad

Artsy Abroad: On the Artistic Ledge with Federico Tomasi

by Ellen C. Caldwell In my series of guest posts for The Artsy Forager, I have been writing about my time in Bali during an arts residency earlier this year. I was introduced to painter Federico Tomasi by another…

5. Tonyraka Art Gallery
Artsy Abroad Guest Forager

Artsy Abroad: Fear, Frustration & the Art of the Forage

Oh Artsies, have I got a treat for you!  Can you imagine traveling to a tropical locale solely for the purpose of meeting and discovering artists?  Sounds like an exhilarating heaven to me!  That’s exactly what arts writer Ellen Caldwell did…

AD_artsy spot_easel
Artsy Dwelling Interiors

Artsy Dwelling: Where’s Your Artsy Spot

Touring artist studios at last weekend’s ArtsAlive got me day dreaming about my own future work space.  As we travel, I paint either at our dining/kitchen table or on a collapsible easel Mr. F bought me a few years…