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Artsy Abroad

Artsy Abroad. The Bottega Tours Venice.

Hiya, Artsies!  Artist Candice Smith Corby recently took a group of students on a little artsy tour of Venice and is here to share her experience with you!  I’ll be checking in and letting you know what’s been happening…

Artsy Abroad

Artsy Abroad. In Situ: Spiral Jetty and the Utah Salt Flats.

by Stephanie Clark The scale of the Spiral Jetty tends to fluctuate depending on where the viewer happens to be. Size determines an object, but scale determines art. A crack in the wall if viewed in terms of scale,…

Sani collage
Artsy Abroad

Artsy Abroad. Ni Nyoman Sani’s Balinese Studios and Art Spaces.

by Ellen C. Caldwell Ni Nyoman Sani’s studio at Muja Art Studio, Sukawati, Bali. Photo courtesy of Ellen C. Caldwell and the artist. Over the past five months, Artsy Forager has been nice enough to welcome my guest posts…

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Artsy Abroad

Artsy Abroad. Toronto Island. The Deep at Night.

by Stephanie Clark “I love going out of my way, beyond what I know, and finding my way back a few extra miles, by another trail, with a compass that argues with the map…nights alone in motels in remote…

1. GFIVE-plastic rice fields
Artsy Abroad

Artsy Abroad. The Plastic Elephant in the Room & Art in Bali Now.

by Ellen C. Caldwell G-Five, Plastic Attack, 2013 (rice fields installation view); plastic bottles and metal frames; 2 meters high. Courtesy of the Artists. Photo: G-Five Art Management. Something is in the air in Bali. As I was interviewing…

9. Tomasi studio9
Artsy Abroad

Artsy Abroad: On the Artistic Ledge with Federico Tomasi

by Ellen C. Caldwell In my series of guest posts for The Artsy Forager, I have been writing about my time in Bali during an arts residency earlier this year. I was introduced to painter Federico Tomasi by another…

1. Kaprus studio
Artsy Abroad

Artsy Abroad, Ellen Caldwell in Bali: Ketut Jaya Kaprus, Made Budhiana, and Wayan Sunadi

by Ellen C. Caldwell In my guest post “Artsy Abroad: Fear, Frustration, and the Art of the Forage” last month, I described the time I spent at the beginning of the year in Batuan, Bali, seeking out artists to…

5. Tonyraka Art Gallery
Artsy Abroad Guest Forager

Artsy Abroad: Fear, Frustration & the Art of the Forage

Oh Artsies, have I got a treat for you!  Can you imagine traveling to a tropical locale solely for the purpose of meeting and discovering artists?  Sounds like an exhilarating heaven to me!  That’s exactly what arts writer Ellen Caldwell did…