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Artsy Dwelling: Small is the New Big

10 Rooms Where Small Art Makes a Big Impact By now, we’ve all seen the gagillions of pins of perfectly arranged art walls, so we know full well that when grouped with other work, small art pieces can sing.…

AD_artsy spot_easel
Artsy Dwelling Interiors

Artsy Dwelling: Where’s Your Artsy Spot

Touring artist studios at last weekend’s ArtsAlive got me day dreaming about my own future work space.  As we travel, I paint either at our dining/kitchen table or on a collapsible easel Mr. F bought me a few years…

Artsy Dwelling Interiors

Artsy Dwelling: Art Filled Nursery

Mr. F and I may not have any babies, but that doesn’t keep me from ooing and awing over fantastically artsy nursery designs.  So when my friend and fellow art obsessive Kaitlyn, over at isavirtue shared pictures of the…

AD_pattern_modern floral
Artsy Dwelling

Artsy Dwelling: Art on Patterned Walls

There’s this thought that’s been dominating the art and interiors world for a while now– the white cube phenomenon– the thought that art is shown at its best on a clean white wall.  And perhaps sometimes that’s true, but…

Artsy Dwelling

Artsy Dwelling: Art on Wood Walls 4 Ways

Once upon a time, wood paneling was the epitome of dated and dreary.  Think back to that 70s basement.. yikes! But wooden wall treatments are seeing a resurgence lately and they are coming back stronger and more artful than…

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Artsy Dwelling: Be Off Center

Once upon a time, there was a rule that we all followed diligently– that art had to be centered on something.  Whether it was centered above a piece of furniture or centered based on the wall on which it…

String collage
Artsy Dwelling Design Interiors

Artsy Dwelling: 7 Unique Ways to Hang Artwork

Look beyond the nail and picture hanger.  There are so many unique ways to hang artwork, whether you’re hanging just one piece or grouping lots of work together.  Here are a few of my favorite methods! 1 |  String…

AD_pink geom
Artsy Dwelling Interiors

Artsy Dwelling: Watercolored Walls

A Different Take on the Art Wall Gallery walls have been all the rage for a couple of years now.  They are a fantastic way to showcase your art collection and so easy to change up!  But sometimes, you…

Interior design by Design Loft Interiors;  photo mural by Alex Turco
Artsy Dwelling F/Stop Artsy Photography

Artsy Dwelling: A Photoshopped Home

For many folks, the only photographs on display at home are family portraits and vacation snaps.  This afternoon, I’d like to get your creative inspiration going with some beautiful examples of the way art photography can have an amazing…

Artsy Dwelling Interiors

Artsy Dwelling: Does Jill Ricci Live Here?

Doesn’t this room bear a striking resemblance to Jill Ricci’s work?  It’s as if her mixed media has jumped off the canvas to cover every surface.  And I love it!…