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Reading. Through The Flower.

It’s been a bit since I’ve shared what I’m reading with you!  I just finished Judy Chicago’s Through The Flower and wanted to share some quick thoughts I took from her early experiences as a female artist. If you…

Heller_The painter cover
Artsy Reads

Artsy Reads. The Painter by Peter Heller.

I’ve been reading mostly artist and art professionals biographies lately, but I do love a beefy novel, especially one in which an artist is the central character.  So when I was offered a copy of The Painter by Peter…

AR_Halpert by Sam Falk NYT 1964
Artsy Reads

Artsy Reads: The Girl With the Gallery

Hello my fellow Artsy bookworms!  This is going to be a quick Artsy Reads as I’m busy with freelance work this week ( yay! ).  The Girl With The Gallery by Lyndsay Pollock, is a biography of early twentieth…

Krasner collage1
Artsy Reads

Artsy Reads: Lessons Learned from Lee Krasner

It seems a long while since I shared thoughts on my latest artsy read!  As a woman, it does follow that I’ve always been interested in the female artists who’ve made their marks on art history.  But lately, I’d…

Arnold_Post Mortem_book, borax crystals_7x9x5
Daily Artsy Sculpture Still Life

Crystallized Imagination: Alexis Arnold

As Mr. Forager & I go through our belongings, deciding what goes with us and what stays behind, one of the hardest things to part with have been books.  Even as my family was packing up our Florida storage,…

Print Burst Umbrella
Artsy Reads Design Design Foraging Fashion

Design Foraging: Rainy Day Artsy

When we arrived in Seattle and pretty much for the last few weeks, the weather has been glorious.  As in uncharacteristic bright skies and unseasonable warmth.  At first we thought it some kind of cosmic joke– we’d left Florida,…

Un Voyage Comique by Lisa Occhipinti
Daily Artsy Mixed Media

Delicate Revelations: Lisa Occhipinti

In our current gypsy-like state, Mr. Forager and I try to travel as lightly as possible.  But we do acquire things along the way, some we find unnecessary, contributing to a local Goodwill every where we go, but others…

Tom and Jack: The Intertwined Lives of Thomas Hart Benton and Jackson Pollock by Henry Adams
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Artsy Reads: Tom and Jack by Henry Adams

I have always been a voracious reader, nerd that I am.  Summers were often spent with my nose in a book and summer reading contests were usually won handedly.  These days, with so much time spent reading blogs and…

What I Know About Her, acrylic on canvas, 50x60
Daily Artsy Paintings

By the Book: Stanford Kay

I don’t always read Artist Statements but sometimes one just describes the artist’s work and vision so perfectly that I don’t feel like there is any way my words can improve upon it.  Such is the case of New…

Win Artsy Stuff

Sneaky Peek at Moon Rabbits

Thanks again to everyone who entered to win a copy of Geoff Mitchell’s book, Moon Rabbits.  Geoff thought you guys would enjoy a sneak peek at the story inspired by the contest winner’s favorite piece, Trinket.  Click on the…