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Design Foraging Interiors

Design Foraging: Kristina Crestin Design

Design foraging isn’t always just about finding artfully designed wares.  It’s also about finding those folk out there doing their thing with an artsy bent.  In my art consulting days, I loved working with interior designers who had an…

Art News City Mouse | Country Mouse found gallery

Grateful.  For Saturdays + These Folks.

Aren’t Saturdays just the best days of the week?  Sleeping in, breakfasting out, just doing whatever you like, no worries kind of day!  I’m feeling especially grateful this Saturday and wanted to publicly thank a few artsy folks who…

Art News

Just a Little Thank You

Happy weekend, Artsies!  I don’t normally post on Saturdays, but I just had to extend a big thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of the debut show and sale at found, City Mouse | Country Mouse.  Christina,…

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City Mouse | Country Mouse Exhibitions found gallery Paintings

Now Showing in Found Gallery: City Mouse | Country Mouse!

The artsy mice have officially invaded Artsy Forager!  Our very first online exhibition and sale, City Mouse | Country Mouse is now on view in the found gallery !  I’m so excited to present the work of two talented Nashville…

Karen Schnepf's Winning Pinboard!
Art Association Win Artsy Stuff

Art Association: We Have a Winner!!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, to everyone who pinned their artsy hearts out for our January Art Association contest!  With 22 entries and hundreds, maybe nearly a thousand ( ! ) pins, you guys gave it your all…

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City Mouse | Country Mouse Exhibitions found gallery Paintings

Coming to found in February! City Mouse | Country Mouse

I’m a little sneaky sometimes.  You know, like a mouse.  You may have noticed the found gallery page pop up in the top navigation last week.. or maybe you noticed the found logo in the sidebar.. or saw the Facebook…

Fashion Wear the Artsy

Wear the Artsy: Christina’s World

Sometimes, OK if you’re me, often, we fall so in love with a piece of artwork, we want to live in it, breathe it, and yes, WEAR it.  The Wear the Artsy series imagines doing just that.. what if I…

Manhattan Memories by Christina Baker
Artsy Forager Featured Artist Paintings

January Featured Artist Christina Baker

This month’s featured artist, Christina Baker, is a painter whose work I’ve followed since we were both living in Florida.  Christina now resides in Tennessee, while at the moment you can find me in California..  While we are geographically…