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Daily Artsy Mixed Media

Animal Kingdom: Miranda Lake

Most of us, from an early age, develop a fascination with animals.  Whether it’s a little girl’s obsession with horses or a man’s desire to come face to face with a grizzly, we find ourselves identifying with the other…

Daily Artsy Landscapes Mixed Media

Spoiled Earth: Brooks Salzwedel

In our travels, Mr. Forager and I have been very fortunate to have seen some amazingly beautiful places.  Unfortunately, for many, the opportunity to see unspoiled beauty is rare.  Our landscapes are filled with strip malls and fast food…

Floral Study IV by Alicia Tormey
Daily Artsy Mixed Media Paintings Still Life

Floral Flow: Alicia Tormey

I always remember my first visit to Seattle in the springtime.  The cherry trees were blooming in the neighborhood where Mr. Forager was living ( this was before I became Mrs. F ) and then it rained, as it…

Abstract Art Exhibitions Galleries Reviews

Springing Forth

WINTER TRANSITIONS;  SPRING STORMS is R. Roberts Gallery’s celebration of the transition from the grey, dreary days of winter into the fresh bloom of spring.  The show features the work of three very different artists, mixed media artist Madeline Peck-Wagner,…