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Daily Artsy Figurative Paintings

Cages. Bradley Wood.

Every person’s cage is of a different sort.  We may feel trapped by our jobs, our circumstances, even the things that we own.  Even the most opulent and luxurious of places can seem like a prison.  As I begin…

Daily Artsy Figurative Paintings

Strength. Courtney Murphy.

For centuries, women have been defined as the “fairer”, even the “weaker” sex.  Daintiness, extreme ideas of femininity were valued and celebrated.  Yet it is in exactly what defines us as feminine in which our greatest strengths lie. Praised…

Daily Artsy Figurative Paintings

Dress-Up. Adrienne Stein.

One Christmas, a long time ago when my oldest nieces were still little, I painted an old suitcase and filled it with old prom dresses and costume jewelry, creating for them a Dress-Up Box.  Looking back, I wish I…

Daily Artsy Figurative Paintings

Vulnerabilities. Thomas Donaldson.

We lay ourselves open in more ways than just physical nakedness.  Baring our souls often requires much more bravery.  We aren’t just our bodies but our spirits.  And it is in those deepest places that our true selves reside.…

Daily Artsy Paintings

Cages. Seth Armstrong.

While Mr. F and I were living outside San Francisco, we both had a feeling of being hemmed in.  Even though we were living in a small town in the mountains, the number of people had us feeling a…

Daily Artsy Figurative Paintings

Seen. Cesar Biojo.

Some people look at us and see what they want to see.  Others look and see exactly who we are, loving and accepting us without reserve.  These paintings by Cesar Biojo with their obscured faces remind me of  the…

Artsy Diggs Paintings

Revisiting. Jeffrey Beauchamp.

hover over the photo above and click through for a peek into the artist’s studio As artists, once in a while, we come across someone who inspires us, who thinks the way we do, who spurs us to greater…

Puckett_women sailing
Daily Artsy Figurative Paintings

Waning. Patrick Puckett.

The days are slowly growing shorter.  Kids are going back to school, the lush green of summer has begun to fade.  The transition from summer’s ease into the bounty of Fall is here. The paintings of Austin artist Patrick…

Grażyna Smalej | artsy forager #art #artists #paintings #abstractart
Daily Artsy Figurative Paintings

Verge. Grazyna Smalej.

It can be strange the way we can move so effortlessly between worlds, blending seamlessly from work to home, city to country.  In these paintings by Polish artist Grazyna Smalej, small figures seem to slip in and out of…

Daily Artsy Figurative Paintings

Blues. Marta Penter.

Philo said, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”  We all have our pain and struggles that we carry around with us.  But some of us are better than others at hiding our battle scars.…