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Daily Artsy Photography

Transitioning. Sarah Illenberger.

Today may officially mark the last day of summer, but for weeks now, summer’s glow has been slowly fading.  The hots days have grown weary and we’ve rejoiced in a new, cooler breeze.  It is always an interesting time,…

Daily Artsy Paintings

Shifts. Eric LoPresti.

As we approach the blank surface, perhaps there is a preformed destination in mind.  Or maybe we simply begin and follow where the paint takes us.  For many artists, painting is as much about process as it is about…

Abstract Art Daily Artsy Paintings

Branching. Ember Fairbairn.

A tree isn’t just its trunk.  To thrive, a tree needs healthy branches.  It needs to be reaching for light, nourished to its tips from within.  Those branches become the homes of birds and squirrels, providing subtle, swishing music…

Daily Artsy Photography

Fragility. Simone Truong.

We when are young, it’s easy to believe we are invincible.  We’ll live forever, nothing can touch us.  But as the years creep onward, we realize just how very tenuous this life is.  As delicate as a flower.  The…

Lee_cactus 51
Daily Artsy Paintings

Prickles. Kwang-Ho Lee.

You are nothing but prickles and stings.. so states Anne Shirley to formidable headmistress Katharine Brooke.  These hyperrealistic paintings by Kwang Ho Lee are most certainly full of prickles, but the sting is how incredibly gorgeous they are!   Cactus…

Daily Artsy Photography

Dazzling. Kristi Hager.

For the past two weeks, even before the official arrival of Spring, the scent of jasmine has permeated the air here in Marin County.  Mr. F and I breathe it in and count ourselves lucky to be in this…

Daily Artsy Photography

Focus. Ori Gersht.

We like to whine and complain that we’re so busy, we have no time for fun anymore, wah wah wah!  I know I’m guilty.  But the truth is we do have time.  We just don’t give it to ourselves.…

Daily Artsy Paintings Watercolors

Delicacy. Marta Spendowska.

I never thought I’d say it, but I think Instagram may be surpassing Pinterest as my new favorite social media tool.  I do still lurve Pinterest, but am finding Instagram to be much more friendly, creatively and socially.  And…

Daily Artsy Photography

Awash. Nick Knight.

While much of the country is still slogging their way through snow and ice, here in Northern California, the rains have returned.  But the other day, I was caught by surprise by the first cherry blossoms beginning to make…

Raquel Edwards_CommonThread
Artsy Forager Featured Artist Paintings

October Featured Artist. Raquel Edwards.

I’m sure you didn’t think I’d be back so soon and this is just a momentary pop-in.  But I couldn’t let a new month dawn without bringing you a new Featured Artist!  When first we met October Featured Artist, Raquel…