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Looking. Winter.

In all my years growing up and as an adult in Florida, I longed for cold winters.  I dreamed of snowy days and cozy nights, only getting small doses on quick trips North.  Since traveling through the West and…

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If you’re following along with me on Instagram, you may have seen a new series of tiny paintings I’ve been creating, SCINTILLA. These 4″ square works on deep cradled wood panel began as an exercise to fill the time…

Daily Artsy

Mapping the Rockies. David Pirrie.

You guys, there are some artist’s work that I just adore.  And I just can’t help but share with you when such an artist has a new body of work to share or a solo show that you must…

Frenz_Tenderness and Time_2015_acrylic on canvas_36x36
LATITUDE Show & Series

LATITUDE Sneak Peek.

Exclusive just for Artsy Forager readers!  I’ve updated my website with all the works in my solo show, LATITUDE, opening tomorrow and I’m only sharing the news here on Artsy Forager. Tenderness & Time (48.53.53 N), 2015, acrylic on…

Bolinas CA
LATITUDE Show & Series

Defining Latitude.

LATITUDE has two meanings– 1 | the angular distance north or south from the equator of a point onthe earth’s surface, measured on the meridian of the point. 2 | freedom, room to move Before I was approached by Teresa…

Daily Artsy Landscapes Paintings

Canopies. Shannon Smiley.

In our discussions regarding our final landing spot, Mr. F and I have an ongoing dilemma.  He is drawn to the drama of being surrounded by super high mountain peaks, while I feel most at home among the trees.…

Daily Artsy Landscapes Paintings

Language. Raul Cordero.

The art world, like so many others, has its own language.  It’s spoken by curators, gallerists, and art writers everywhere.  As artist Raul Cordero puts it in describing his Transient Poetry series, it is “A language taught in art…

Daily Artsy Landscapes Paintings

Grandeur. James Lavadour.

Mr. F and I have settled into our new spot for the next three months– Idaho Falls, Idaho.  While it’s a huge change from living outside of San Francisco, you may be surprised at how excited we are to…

Muir_through the grass
Daily Artsy Landscapes Paintings

Livelihood. Michael Muir.

After spending too much time parked in front of the laptop this morning, I took a little break in our backyard.  Just looking out the window, the landscape seems silent and still.  But one step outside and the realization…

Daily Artsy Landscapes Paintings

Sanctuaries. Susanna Bluhm.

Mr. F and I are purists when it comes to spending time in the outdoors.  We like to keep things simple and spend as much time exploring outside of camp as possible.  For us, it isn’t about hanging out…