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Insert the [ Artsy ]

Insert the Artsy: Color Three Way

There’s a school of thought that white walls = boring.  But white walls + wooden textures + pops of colorful artwork?  Anything but!!  And this Artsy is here to prove it to ya.  Let’s take a beautiful, airy space…

Design Design Foraging Jewelry

Design Foraging: Liz Tran and Her Electric Necklaces

I am a long time fan of Seattle artist Liz Tran. Evidenced in posts here here and here.  The color and movement in her work creates such a lovely, happy atmosphere.  Obviously, its work that I return to again and again.  Following…

Daily Artsy Mixed Media

Happy Trees: Liz Tran

Seattle, Seattle, Seattle ( Marcia Brady voice ).. we arrived on Saturday and are completely in love with the city but overwhelmed by apartment hunting.  So this week, I’m re-running posts featuring some favorite Seattle artists.  Sorry for the…

The Other Side by Linda Monfort
Abstract Art Art to Inspiration Paintings Still Life

Art to Inspiration: Linda Monfort

I’ve been out to lunch Art to Inspiration-wise lately.  I love this collaborative exercise, but alas, there just wasn’t time for it last month with our moving 1300 miles south and all.  But this month’s inspiration piece is so lovely,…

Daily Artsy Sculpture

Making Mountains: Liz Tran

While Mr. Forager & I are on the road, making our way to California, we’re rerunning Artsy Forager’s most popular posts.  This post originally published on February 7, 2012 and got a huge bump thanks to being featured on…

Design Foraging Mixed Media Paintings

Friday Faves: Climb Every Mountain

A huge part of what drew George & I to the Northwest was the mountainous terrain.  When the weather is good, every weekend is spent hiking and exploring the mountains around wherever we happen to be.  We’re gearing up…

Artsy on Escape Into Life Mixed Media

Artsy on Escape Into Life:  Liz Tran

I’ve been so busy painting this morning ( Yes, you read that right!  I may or may not share the finished work with you.  Depends on how I feel about them.. ), that I almost forgot to let you…