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A Ruiz Villar, Mixed Media on Wood, Barcelona, Art, Collage, Geometric, RuizVillar, Albert Ruiz Villar
Abstract Art Daily Artsy Mixed Media

Building. A Ruiz Villar.

Creating anything from scratch is a difficult endeavor.  If the foundation of what you’re building isn’t secure, it will never be sound, it won’t be what you planned for, what you dreamed of. These mixed media pieces by Barcelona…

Libman_distant memory
Daily Artsy Landscapes Mixed Media

Surfaces. Mila Libman.

We have a tendency to make snap judgements, to see in monochromes.  You believe “A”, so you must be “B”.  We quickly demonize and categorize without knowing the full story. In her monochromatic pastel and ink drawings, artist Mila Libman finishes…

Abstract Art Daily Artsy Mixed Media

Discordants. Caroline Bullock.

It’s funny how we try to make sense of everything these days.  The mystery has been removed from so many elements of life that we have this need to have an explanation for everything.  We ask why and then…

Abstract Art Daily Artsy Mixed Media Paintings

Microcosms. Ashely Peifer.

One of my favorite things about the West Coast that I didn’t grow up with on the Florida coast is tide pools.  Mr. F and I spend lots of time exploring and examining these little microcosms teeming with life.…

Daily Artsy Mixed Media

Connecting Threads. Happy Red Fish.

Our current vagabondish lifestyle can make it difficult to create new connections.  Sometimes we are only in one spot for 13 weeks, which seems hardly long enough to foster lifetime relationships.  But occasionally, we come across those people with…

Morgan_Mr and Mrs
Abstract Art Daily Artsy Mixed Media

Indecipherable Ciphers. Cole Morgan

On the way back to the Coast from Yosemite, Mr. F and I decided to spend the day in Napa Valley to do a little wine tasting.  Serendipitously, we happened to pass through St. Helena where there were a…

Iverson_Shipbreaking, Yosemite Valley_sm
Daily Artsy Mixed Media Paintings

Collision Course. Mary Iverson

Mr. F and I have a secret spot, a place that he found one summer and fell in love with, that is kind of our dreamland.  It’s an amazingly beautiful, far out, off the grid place that we don’t…

Abstract Art Daily Artsy Mixed Media Paintings

Lucid Liquidity. Peter Vahlefeld

The idea of consumption was one I never thought of much until the last few years.  When I was a young single woman in Florida, shopping was a hobby, a large part of the culture.  Since marrying Mr. F…

Daily Artsy Figurative Mixed Media

Spiro-Graphics: Kim Kirk Nielsen

Tell me you remember Spirographs? That ubiquitous toy that combined the worlds of math and art and captured the imagination of many an artsy kid.  Danish born, Paris based artist Kim Kirk Nielsen adds his own spriroriffic drawings to…

Sherman_Franchise Player
Abstract Art Collage Daily Artsy Paintings

Unruly Surfaces: Howard Sherman

Last week, while Mr. F and I were out with a few of his work colleagues, we discovered that, at a table of four adults in their 30s/40s, every single one of us came from a divorced family. It…