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Artsy at Work

Finding ECHOES. The Soundtrack.

Subtle. Melodic. Mellow. A few of the keywords describing one of my favorite songs to listen to when painting my ECHOES series.  Music plays an important role in my creative process.  Putting on my favorite Pandora station triggers my…

Into the wild

Listening.  My Studio Soundtrack.

Being an artist, especially a painter, requires a lot of alone time in the studio.  Solitude can be blissfully peaceful and lovely but it can also be a bit lonely.  To stave off that feeling ( and to get…

Soundtrack collage
Artsy Advice

What’s Your Studio Soundtrack?

Last week, as I was finishing up a painting a little gift for my niece, I got to thinking about what  we tend to listen to while creating.  For me, my studio soundtrack depends on what I’m working on–…

AOF_20 feet
Artsy on Film

Artsy on Film: Twenty Feet from Stardom & Thoughts on Artistic Success

At least one weekend night at home usually ends up as a movie night for Mr. F and I.  While we love comedies and well told drama, we like to mix in interesting documentaries occasionally.  After hearing about it…

Moonrise on Bourbon by Ally Burguieres, oil and acrylic on wood, 36x18
Daily Artsy Mixed Media Paintings

C’est La Vie de la Nouvelle-Orléans

New Orleans is one of those places that is unlike any other.  It is unique in it’s history, traditions and way of life.  Artists of all kinds, writers, musicians, painters, are attracted to its vibrancy and joie de vivre.…