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Olympic National Park

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Makeshift. Backpacking With Watercolors.

Do you remember the scene in Wild where Reese Witherspoon can’t stand up under the weight of her pack?  Every backpacker knows that weight is everything.  Every ounce you add to your pack is an additional strain on your…

LATITUDE Show & Series

Finding Latitude. The Olympics.

When lamenting my delay in beginning to paint seriously again, an artist friend told me–  you needed time to fill up.  Looking back on the experiences of the last five years, I realized how very right she was.  Florida has its…

Paintings The Artsy Nature

The Artsy Nature. Jennifer JL Jones + Olympic National Park

Whenever Mr. F and I are away from the coastal Northwest for a long period of time, I find that what I miss most is the mossy trees and fern covered forest floors.  These “Muppet trees”, as I like…

This Artsy Life

This Artsy Life: Weekend 37 [ The Rains Come, Fall Begins ]

I know it’s not officially Fall yet, but this weekend it finally began to feel as if it is on its way!  the Pacific Northwest has had an utterly gorgeous, yes, but uncharacteristically warm and long summer.  And as…