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Artsy Diggs: In the Studio with Peri Schwartz

When we get a glimpse inside the studio of this month’s Featured Artist, Peri Schwartz, we not only see into gain insight into where she works, but in this video, we are also given the privilege of seeing how…

Artsy Forager Featured Artist Fashion Paintings Wear the Artsy

Wear The Artsy: Peri Schwartz + Block Shop

The limited palette and tight scope of the work of this month’s Featured Artist, Peri Schwartz is what continues to keep me enthralled with her paintings. ย An artist whose work shares these same characteristics is Lily Stockman, whose work…

Studio XXX by Peri Schwartz
Artsy Forager Featured Artist Daily Artsy Drawing Paintings

March Featured Artist: Peri Schwartz

I may have mentioned Mr. Forager has taken up beer making. Lately he has been obsessed with finding out the best methods and practices for brewing the perfect beer. He recently told me about a fellow brewer he found…

Abstract Art Artsy Forager Featured Artist Paintings

Welcome our March Featured Artist!

March is here! Where in the world did February go? Sneaky little short month catches me off guard every time. But I’m excited to welcome a new month because it means welcoming a new Featured Artist to Artsy Forager!…

Abstract Art Daily Artsy Paintings

Essences of Space: Peri Schwartz

Life just gets so complicated, doesn’t it? ย We are constantly bombarded with imagery and information, it’s a wonder our brains can keep up! ย What I love most about the work of New York artist, Peri Schwartz is her way…