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Live the Artsy

Live the Artsy: Holly Farrell

Post WWII prosperity ushered in a turning point in the world of advertising and manufactured goods– packaging and design were no longer concerned mainly with function, even the most mundane of objects were created with an appealing aesthetic.  This…

Davenport_Cola Queen
Daily Artsy Figurative Mixed Media Paintings

Southern Comforts: Jon Davenport

I’m a Southern girl.  You may not know that about me, since we’ve been all over the Northwest during most of Artsy Forager’s existence.  OK some may not include Florida as the Deep South, but North Florida is pretty…

Collage Daily Artsy

The Freshmaker: Heather Landis

In some ways, it seems like collage work is on the downside turn of its recent resurgence.  There is so much of it out there, it can be a challenge to find work that feels fresh and original.  Los…

Hill_Lady and the Lobster
Daily Artsy Figurative Paintings

This Lovely Life: Janet Hill

I love artwork that transports me into a different world.  The paintings of Ontario artist Janet Hill  gives us a peek at a sweet and beautiful life, where all is loveliness and cheerful color. Her figures, lovely and graceful, entrance…

Light Blue Slip, oil on canvas, 60x40
Daily Artsy Figurative Paintings

Dreams of Doris Day: Tracey Sylvester Harris

In my much younger years, many a Sunday afternoon was spent glued to the television, enraptured by the movies of my parent’s generation.  Each one filling my impressionable mind with images of the perfectly coiffed hair, sophisticated fashions and…

Daily Artsy Paintings Still Life

Portrait of Things Already Come: Christopher Stott

We are a world that loves stuff.  One look at the tv show Hoarders will confirm that, as human beings, we develop emotional and psychological attachments to objects.  Certain things may represent for us the physical manifestation of the…

Holly Farrell
Daily Artsy Paintings Still Life

Loneliness and Loveliness: Holly Farrell

I have a weakness for objects with a past.  Everyday pieces from days gone by hold the  untold stories of a person, a family , a home.  Toronto artist Holly Farrell’s paintings of vintage objects explore this sense of…

Sunday at the Egyptian Drugstore
Daily Artsy Figurative

Emancipation of Me, by Mimi ( Williams )

A bad night’s sleep does not sit well with me.  Ask George.  And last night, I did not sleep well.  Tossing and turning, waking up every hour to toss and turn some more.  A restless night = crabby blogger…