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Artsy Spot: North Coast Open Studios & Eureka ArtsAlive

Every weekend Mr. F and I stay at home ( in other words, no camping or backpacking on the agenda ), we say we’re going to have a relaxing, chill weekend.  But lately, our weekends around home have been…

Artsy About Town

Artsy Around Town: Hwy 62 Art Touring

It seems like every Fall when the Open Studios and Art Tours gear up we seem to just miss them.  So I was elated to know we would be able to spend a Saturday checking out some of the…

Artsy Diggs

Artist Diggs: Angel’s Haven

Please enjoy this oldie by goodie while I spend the next two weeks camping, packing, visiting with the mom-in-law and moving from WA to OR. See you in September! There are people and by people, I mean artists, whose…

Artsy Diggs

Artist Diggs:  Daily Inspirations

I am so excited to bring you our very first Artsy Forager studio tour, featuring ( drumroll, please! ), Amelia Island artist Theresa Daily!  *applause* Theresa and I struck up a friendship through the glory of Facebook long before…