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I admit, I get a bit jealous when I see artists participating in a fabulous residency in a beautiful place.  I’ve applied for a few myself, knowing that with my still limited professional artist experience, gaining a spot in…

This Artsy Life


Summer is the season for slowing down.  For taking time.  While I’ve been working in the studio a lot over these last few months, this summer has also been about renewal.  As often as we can, whether it is…

Sunset over Richmond Beach
This Artsy Life


I’ve never been an early riser.  So catching the sun rise over the Atlantic when I lived in Florida didn’t happen often.  But being on the West Coast, sunsets have become my happy place.  At least three evenings a…

Crater Lake Trees

Inspiration Overload.

One of the big advantages to our current traveling lifestyle is how many amazing places we are able to see.   These adventures are a huge source of inspiration for me as an artist.  But seeing so many incredible…

Staircase Hike
LATITUDE Show & Series

Finding Latitude. The Olympics.

When lamenting my delay in beginning to paint seriously again, an artist friend told me–  you needed time to fill up.  Looking back on the experiences of the last five years, I realized how very right she was.  Florida has its…

Bolinas CA
LATITUDE Show & Series

Defining Latitude.

LATITUDE has two meanings– 1 | the angular distance north or south from the equator of a point onthe earth’s surface, measured on the meridian of the point. 2 | freedom, room to move Before I was approached by Teresa…

This Artsy Life

This Artsy Life: Weekend 43 [ Dear October, We Love You ]

 I’m so with you, Lucy Maud Montgomery!  Mr. F and I were talking this weekend about how October is just the perfect month.  The crisp air is such a welcome change following summer, the turning leaves are in full…

This Artsy Life

This Artsy Life: Weekend 39 [ Rain-soaked Northwest Days ]

There is a strange bright light coming through my window.. I think it might be the sun!  Hello old friend.  Where were you this weekend, huh?  The rain came down hard and often all weekend long.  We braved the…

This Artsy Life

This Artsy Life: Weekend 29 [ One Last Island Before We Go ]

If you’ve been following the This Artsy Life posts, you know Mr. Forager & I have been doing a bit of island hopping recently. Once we decided for certain we were leaving Seattle, we knew we wanted to make…

Miscellaneously Artsy


Great little demo of a painting progressing from blocking in to highlighting, from the Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio. WHIDBEY ISLAND FAS.…