Rain and Rhododendrons



A Northwest Spring is an incredible time of gradual transformation and bursting forth.  Bright, bold blossoms mix with grey rain and ever present greens to create amazing juxtapositions of texture and color.  Following the cold and rain of winter, the season flows forth not just with flowers, but with warmth and life renewed.  Ever since first experiencing Spring in Seattle, each year I’m in the Northwest, I’m continually captured by the season.  This series, Rain and Rhododendrons, is a series of acrylic paintings on paper inspired by my experiences of Spring in the Northwest.  From Seattle sidewalks dark with rain and littered with cherry blossoms, to rhododendrons blooming deep within the coastal forests, each experience reassures me that with each winter’s passing comes the renewal of Spring.

Click thumbnails above for larger images and artwork details.  All work is available for sale unless otherwise specified.  If you’re interested in purchasing, please email me via my contact page.