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Crystallized Objectives: Brett Freund

Isn’t it amazing to think of all the precious stones, metals, and other extraordinary objects growing in the hidden places of our world?  The sculptural work of artist Brett Freund seeks to explore questions of value and preciousness, what makes one thing more  prized than another?
Crystals series by Freund

Crystals series, porcelain

Do we place a higher value on something that takes a longer time to ferment and evolve into its ideal form?  Or is a thing’s rarity more important?  And what about objects that are always growing and changing?

Crystals series by Brett Freund

Crystal, porcelain

Crystals series by Brett Freund

Crystal, porcelain

Crystals Series by Brett Freund

Crystal, porcelain

Freund’s work, with its fractal shapes that seem to be metamorphosing right in front of our eyes, making us think of old things, covered in signs of age and transformation.  They are no longer what they were, but have become what they were meant to be.

Vessels series by Brett Freund

Vessel, porcelain

Which is more valuable, what is at the beginning or the end?  To see more of Brett Freund’s work, please visit his website.

All images via the artist’s website.

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  • Wow! That is very cool! I think I like the first two best. : )

    • Lesley

      So glad you like Brent’s work, Zia! Aren’t those first 2 amazing? The 4th one listed, from his Vessels series, was the first example of his work I saw and I love those, but the Crystals are incredible.