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Manufactured Manifestations: Lothar Gotz

After posting an image from our trip to Vegas on the Artsy Forager Facebook page yesterday, very insightful artist Gigi Mills wondered if perhaps all of Vegas could be considered one giant art installation?  It is after all, full of manufactured manifestations.  Which got me thinking about the environmental installation work of Lothar Gotz.

Im Flur by Lothar Gotz

Im Flur 2012, wall painting, site specific

image source

Lothar Gotz creates site specific abstract “wall paintings”.  His work encompasses single walls, rooms, even entire floors and buildings, swathing vertical surfaces in planes of saturated color.

Winterreise by Lothar Gotz

Winterreise 2010, acrylic and mineral paint on wall, Fundacio Joan Miro, Barcelona

Drawing Room 2008 by Lothar Gotz

Drawing Room 2008, vinyl on wall, National Gallery Prague

The colors and shapes move in and out of the vertical surface, giving the eyes freedom to wander beyond the walls to see an abstract landscape of the artist’s own making.  The walls themselves recede and though the viewer may be boxed in by these partitions, Gotz’s paintings make them come alive, so that we hardly notice the facade.

What Makes Boys Dance by Lothar Gotz

What Makes Boys Dance 2012, Domo Baal

To see more of Lothar Gotz’s work, please visit Rahn Contemporary, his representing gallery in Zurich.

All images are via Rahn Contemporary, except where otherwise noted.  Artist found via The Painter’s Table.

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  • So…I’m inspired! I’d love to transform a room in my home with colorful geometric designs!

    • Lesley

      Wouldn’t that be amazing?! If you do it, Frances, be sure to share the results. 😉