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March Featured Artist: Peri Schwartz

I may have mentioned Mr. Forager has taken up beer making. Lately he has been obsessed with finding out the best methods and practices for brewing the perfect beer. He recently told me about a fellow brewer he found online that worked for over twenty years to perfect one particular brew recipe. Talk about practicing and perfecting your craft! This month’s Featured Artist, Peri Schwartz is equally tenacious in striving to capture every nuanced surface, angle and corner in her own studio.

Studio IX, color monotype, 30×34.5

Studio XXX by Peri Schwartz

Studio XXX, oil on canvas, 38×48

By narrowing her scope of work and field of vision, Schwartz frees herself to carefully explore her space, the forms inhabited therein, and the light that enters and retreats each day. Although her overall style and palette remains consistent, we can see her exploring how the space and objects are represented.. sometimes they are mere planes of color, other times their shapes are more concrete.

Studio 12 by Peri Schwartz

Studio 12, ink and charcoal on mylar, 12.34×27

Studio 13 by Peri Schwartz

Studio #13, ink and charcoal on mylar, 13.30x28x25

In other instances, as in her black and white drawings above, she is carefully studying the effect of light on the familiar surfaces, carefully watching and interpreting the reflective play between light and shadow.

Bottles and Jars XII by Peri Schwartz

Bottles and Jars XII, oil on canvas, 30×20

To see more of Per Schwartz’s work, please visit her website. You can also see an album of Peri’s work on the Artsy Forager Facebook page. Peri will be a busy bee soon with three openings– at Davis & Cline Gallery in April, Garvey/Simon Art Access in May, and Gerald Peters Gallery in July. Whew! Hope you’ll be able to catch one!

All images are via the artist’s website.

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