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Listening. Podcasts.

When I’m in the studio, I’m always listening to something– just what depends on my mood and what I’m working on.  Sometimes it’s music, sometimes podcasts.  I have a few “go-to” podcasts that I really enjoy and thought you might like a listen if you haven’t tried them out already!

When I’m looking for artistic conversation–

Art For Your Ear


We all know Danielle Krysa as a champion of artists, but it turns out she is also a fantastic interviewer!  Danielle spends time chatting with artists over coffee or an adult beverage, getting the low down on their backgrounds, artistic inspirations and aspirations, and fun tidbits like whether they prefer potato chips or chocolate.  I’ll take chocolate covered chips!

Gently Does It

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 3.28.11 PM

A painter with a sincere appreciation for the ins and outs of the studio work of other painters, John Dalton’s podcast Gently Does It, is a joy to listen to, especially for gaining insight into the minds of some of the best painters working today.  I have a few favorites that I’ve listened to multiple times including Ep. 30 pictured above featuring Alyssa Monks and Ep. 26 and 27 with Ali Cavanaugh.

Curate Joshua Tree


I have a soft spot for Joshua Tree, California.  If you’ve been a longtime reader of AF, you may remember, Mr. F & I spent six months living in JT a few years ago.  Joshua Tree has a distinctly creative vibe, which attracts all sorts of artsy folks to the high desert.  Emily Silver interviews local JT area artists in their studios, which adds a layer of familiarity to her interviews that isn’t there among the podcasts in which interviewer/interviewee are separated by miles.  The artists and Emily both continue to remind me of what an inspiring and magical place Joshua Tree can be.

When I’m yearning for the wilderness–

She Explores


Gale Straub’s She Explores podcast centers around the experiences of women in the outdoors.  Artists, entrepreneurs, and thru-hikers are among her interviewees.  Each bringing their own unique experience to the podcast.  Listening to the SE podcast makes me want to get outside and if you take your inspiration from nature, like I do, I promise you’ll be inspired!

When I just want something interesting & fun–

YHL Has a Podcast


I’ve been a reader of Young House Love longer than any other blog I’ve followed.  Even from before they were YHL (I remember This Young House!).  Anyone who reads their DIY blog knows these two are super fun and super cute.  Listening to them is like hanging out in your best friend’s kitchen.

Dear Sugar


Wild author Cheryl Strayed joins Steve Almond in dispensing advice to Dear Sugar listeners on this weekly podcast.  Smart and insightful, this one is a favorite when I’m gessoing! 

In addition to these favorites, there are also the NPR standards, This American Life and Fresh Air.

So tell me, are you a podcast listener?  Any favorites I should know about?  Tell me in the comments!

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  • Rhonda Doré

    Yes! Savvy Painter with Antrese Wood. Great artist interviews that kill that alone feeling and have you nodding to things they say.

    • Artsy Forager

      Thanks, Rhonda! I’ll check it out!

  • Pippin Schupbach

    Your blog post comes just in time as a huge ice storm is about to shut down the city where I live- which means more studio time! How cool you got to live in JT for six months. I got in engaged in JT as it’s a favorite place my husband and I use to go to when we live in San Diego. We would go there about ever three weeks to camp and climb. JT has a very special place in my heart. Did you ever go to the JT Saloon? I love that place. Back to your blog post – I also love to listen to New Yorker Radio Hour, BBC and Moth Radio Hour. Enjoy your weekend!

    • Artsy Forager

      Hi Pippin! We actually considered buying in JT for about 10 minutes.. until we realized that the desert just isn’t where our hearts are. It is a very special spot though! We went to JT Saloon a few times.. loved the Crossroads Cafe, I miss their Piggy Pancakes! One of our favorite breakfast spots in all our travels. So many fun & quirky places in the high desert. Thank you for the podcast rec’s! Enjoy your studio time!!