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Artsy at Work

Wearing. My Studio Style.

Every artist has their own style, not just in the work itself, but in the way they work.  What we wear in the studio has as much to do with our personal style as it does with our working…

Artsy at Work

Finding ECHOES. The Soundtrack.

Subtle. Melodic. Mellow. A few of the keywords describing one of my favorite songs to listen to when painting my ECHOES series.  Music plays an important role in my creative process.  Putting on my favorite Pandora station triggers my…

Artsy at Work Interiors

Artsy at Work: 5 Principles of Art for Healthcare Environments

Creating and choosing art for healthcare environments is about much more than just beautifying a space.  People in those environments are often worried, stressed, sad, and in need of healing.  Experts have found that through evidence-based design, these places…