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Living. Live Work Studios.

What our eventual home space will look like is a major topic of conversation for Mr. F and I.  We’re on our 15th(!) living space in 6 years of traveling and with each new home we discover what works…

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Makeshift. Backpacking With Watercolors.

Do you remember the scene in Wild where Reese Witherspoon can’t stand up under the weight of her pack?  Every backpacker knows that weight is everything.  Every ounce you add to your pack is an additional strain on your…

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I admit, I get a bit jealous when I see artists participating in a fabulous residency in a beautiful place.  I’ve applied for a few myself, knowing that with my still limited professional artist experience, gaining a spot in…

This Artsy Life


Summer is the season for slowing down.  For taking time.  While I’ve been working in the studio a lot over these last few months, this summer has also been about renewal.  As often as we can, whether it is…

Sunset over Richmond Beach
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I’ve never been an early riser.  So catching the sun rise over the Atlantic when I lived in Florida didn’t happen often.  But being on the West Coast, sunsets have become my happy place.  At least three evenings a…

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Wishing each and every one of you a very happy Christmas! I’ll be back after the new year to share more from the Artsy studio!  …

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Fall. Thankfulness.

Fall has been my favorite season since I can remember.  Maybe it started with the excitement this little nerd felt for going back to school.  Fall marked the beginning, a time for new friends, new teachers, new books and…

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5 Reasons Artists Should Backpack. We aren’t all outdoorsy and it can truly be a challenge to give up the luxuries of beds and showers for a few days.  But if you’ve never strapped on a pack and walked…

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This Artsy Life. A Momentary Farewell.

This morning I awoke before the sun in San Francisco and boarded a one-way flight bound for my Florida home.  I’ve shared previously about my mom’s cancer diagnosis and the battle is taking its toll on her.  She needs me…

TAL_Fall and mist edit
This Artsy Life

This Artsy Life. Finding Ourselves in Yosemite

With worries over the health of my mom, close friends, and myself ( I checked out fine, whew! ), it’s been an emotional summer.  Not really the carefree season of years gone by.  So Mr. F and I were…