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Wearing. My Studio Style.

Every artist has their own style, not just in the work itself, but in the way they work.  What we wear in the studio has as much to do with our personal style as it does with our working…

Daily Artsy Figurative Paintings

Strength. Courtney Murphy.

For centuries, women have been defined as the “fairer”, even the “weaker” sex.  Daintiness, extreme ideas of femininity were valued and celebrated.  Yet it is in exactly what defines us as feminine in which our greatest strengths lie. Praised…

Kincaide_Dance moves
Artsy Forager Featured Artist

December Featured Artist. Anna Kincaide.

If you’ve been following the blog for awhile, you may recognize the work of our December Featured Artist.  Not only have I featured the work of Anna Kincaide on the blog several times, but she’s also one of the artists…

Abstract Art Fashion Mixed Media Wear the Artsy

Wear the Artsy: Jill Ricci

Something about the warmer months make me long for the exotic.  Maybe it’s childhood conditioning bringing on dreams of summer vacations to faraway places!  I’ve always loved the work of Jill Ricci for her brilliant way of combining exotic…

Judy Garland as Vicki Lester in A Star is Born, acrylic on canvas panel, 6x6, $45 unframed
Abstract Art Finding My Own Artsy Paintings

Finding My Own Artsy: Feminine Wiles, Painting Nine

Perhaps this is sacriledgious type talk, but I’ve never been a fan of the Wizard of Oz.  I just never really connected with it.  But I do love me some Judy Garland.  Meet Me in St. Louis?  Easter Parade?  I’ll…

CH_Saturated Spring
Color Harvest

Color Harvest: Saturated Spring

Often when we think of spring, our thoughts turn to light, pale pastels but this season, I’ve noticed just how saturated everything around me seems.  Maybe it’s just a shock to my eyes following the white and grey winter…

WTA_Bellissimo collage
Fashion Figurative Photography Wear the Artsy

Wear the Artsy: Alexandra Bellissimo

We are a few weeks into Spring here in Northern California and this weekend, something wonderful happened.. we seemed to have finally turned a corner into deep spring.  That time of year when the air is warm and soft…

Abstract Art Fashion Jewelry Paintings Wear the Artsy

Wear the Artsy: Wendy McWilliams

A while back I wrote about the work of Wendy McWilliams and how to me, much of her work illustrates the glimpses of light and color that give us hope in the dark.  We are now well into winter and…

Collage Daily Artsy Figurative

Fashion Victims: Jonni Cheatwood

OK, I admit it.  I like fashion and all its trappings as much as the next girl. But there is something that doing this traveling thing is teaching me– how to not just live with less, but to desire…

Fashion Paintings Wear the Artsy

Wear the Artsy: Christy Kinard

January can be a tough month for some folks.  I love the winter, but I understand how the cold air, brown grass and gray skies can get ya down.  Which is why I love the work of this month’s…