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Lesley Frenz, LATITUDE solo show at Art & Light Gallery with Pink Thicket Pottery #art #artgalleries #artshows #greenville
LATITUDE Show & Series

Showing. A Look at LATITUDE.

Ya’ll it has been a whirlwind few months.  Followed by a whirlwind five days in Greenville, SC for the opening of my LATITUDE show at Art & Light Gallery!  Greenville welcomed me with warmth and sunshine and made this…

Artsy Abroad

Artsy Abroad. The Plastic Elephant in the Room & Art in Bali Now.

by Ellen C. Caldwell G-Five, Plastic Attack, 2013 (rice fields installation view); plastic bottles and metal frames; 2 meters high. Courtesy of the Artists. Photo: G-Five Art Management. Something is in the air in Bali. As I was interviewing…

Abstract Art Daily Artsy Installations Paintings

Breaking Good. Kate Tucker

As artists, often what we want to express can’t be contained between the four straight lines of a canvas.  So artists like Australian artist Kate Tucker push the boundaries of surface and form, leading to paintings that seem to…

Insert the [ Artsy ]

Insert the Artsy: Color Three Way

There’s a school of thought that white walls = boring.  But white walls + wooden textures + pops of colorful artwork?  Anything but!!  And this Artsy is here to prove it to ya.  Let’s take a beautiful, airy space…

Daily Artsy Installations

Lucid Stead: Phillip K Smith

This time last year, Mr. Forager and I were in a very different place.  For six months, we traded our beloved Northwest for the California high desert.  Joshua Tree, California, to be exact.  And although we ultimately decided desert…

Daily Artsy Installations Paintings

In Context: Rudolf Stingel at Palazzo Grassi

I’ve found that occasionally, where and how I see an artist’s work will influence how I feel about it.  If I see something while relaxing on vacation, I might think more highly of it than I would have if…

Daily Artsy Installations

Shifting Perceptions: Katharina Grosse

I find myself continually fascinated by the work of artists who very literally paint outside the lines.  Artists like Margie Livingston and Laura Moriarty use paint as a medium for sculpture, who see beyond paint applied to canvas to…

Posidonia series by Forlane 6
Daily Artsy Installations Sculpture

Immersive Consumption: Forlane 6 Studio

Sometimes the amount of garbage we accumulate in a week completely shocks us.  We wonder how in the world two adults could create so much waste.  We do try to be aware of our consumption and curtail it wherever…

Daily Artsy Installations

Suspended Memory: Kaarina Kaiakkonen

After my grandmother died, there were a few pieces of her clothing that I kept just because they reminded me of her.  Even a few years after she was gone, you could catch the faint scent of her perfume…

Winterreise by Lothar Gotz
Daily Artsy Installations

Manufactured Manifestations: Lothar Gotz

After posting an image from our trip to Vegas on the Artsy Forager Facebook page yesterday, very insightful artist Gigi Mills wondered if perhaps all of Vegas could be considered one giant art installation?  It is after all, full of…