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Design Foraging

Design Foraging

Design Foraging. Studio Arhoj

If you’re a painter in the studio, you know what a challenge it can be to avoid getting paint splattered all over yourself!  When I came across the wonderfully whimsical work of Studio Arhoj, I loved the glazes melting…

Design Foraging Jewelry

Design Foraging: Rosie Kimber Jewellry

Remember candy necklaces?  I mean, jewelry you could eat??  Every little girl’s dream!  And big girls, too, as it turns out.  Scottish jewelry artist Rosie Kimber  crafts her own wearable confections from resin, silicone, and sugar crystals creating modern, artistic…

DF_Joo_yellow punch bowls
ceramics Design Foraging

Design Foraging: Studio Joo

My favorite aesthetic is work that feels both organic and modern.  Maybe it’s my competing loves of cities and the woods.  The work of Brooklyn artist Elaine Tian in her Studio Joo ceramics embodies that juxtaposition in the most elegant way.…

Sada_capriccio XL bowl
Design Foraging

Design Foraging: Elke Sada Ceramics

Mr. F & I were chatting the other day about the long list of things we’d both like to try our hands at– high on my list?  Pottery and/or ceramics.  It’s always been one of my favorite mediums and…

DF_Paquette_The Battleship
Design Design Foraging Interiors

Design Foraging: Brian Paquette Interiors

Interior designers have a special place in my heart.  Perhaps because I call so many of them friends and because I spent a few years studying to be one.  That plan derailed ( a story for another day! ),…

Design Foraging

Design Foraging: Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

I have a great love for wind chimes.  My paternal grandfather used to fashion his own from aluminum pipes and every time I hear breezy chimes, I’m transported back to summer days in the cool grass of my grandparents’…

DF_Hopewell_Tell Tale East
Design Foraging Textiles

Design Foraging: Hopewell Workshop

I’m a big fan of modern quilts.  I love that artists and artisans are continuing a longstanding tradition yet giving it a modern spin.  The ladies of Hopewell Workshop, Eliza Kenan and Claire Oswalt came together to continue the…

Design Design Foraging Jewelry

Design Foraging: Anne Fiala

Maybe because it has been so long since Mr. F and I were able to get out and hike.  Or maybe I’ve been cooped up inside too much this winter.  Whatever the reason, I can’t get enough of these…

ceramics Design Foraging

Design Foraging: Diana Fayt

I have such a weakness for ceramics.  Some people are glass lovers and I agree, handblown glass is gorgeous, but I’ve always loved the beautiful imperfection of ceramics.  I think it started when I was young, eating chocolate ice…

DF_UR_glass cluster ring amber purple
Design Design Foraging Jewelry

Design Foraging: Urban Revisions

Oh how I love some pretty jewelry candy!  I asked Mr. Forager Santa to put a pretty little artsy bauble in my Christmas stocking.  Think its too late to add one of these to my list?  These handmade glass and…